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APTANA plugin - Syntax HighLighter




* APTANA에서 추가.

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Eclipse platform plugin

EclipseColorer is based on a native Colorer-take5 library, so each platform has its own native part library. By default the package contains plugin's stuff compiled for win32, Linux(x86 and x86_64) and MacOS (ppc and x86 platforms).


  • Enchanced and fixed word wrapping mode.
  • Automatic folding support for mostly all (200+) supported languages
  • Per-type customizable color schemas and editor parameters.
  • Automatic errors and todo comments annotation.
  • Paired constructions highlighting and matching.
  • Shortcuts for pairs matching.
  • Different color schemes.
  • Replacement of tabs with spaces option.
  • Choosing of currently used syntax mode in editor (list of all available types).
  • Dynamic library reloading.
  • Powerful and flexible outliner for all common languages.
  • Errors list is included into the outliner view.
  • Colored sources generation into HTML files (Available in the navigator's context menu).
  • Find more in screenshots section.
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SyntaxHighlighter is a fully functional self-contained code syntax highlighter developed in JavaScript. To get an idea of what SyntaxHighlighter is capable of, have a look at the demo page.

SyntaxHighlighter is currently used by Apache, Aptana, Mozilla, Yahoo, Wordpress, Bug Labs, Freshbooks and others.


// SyntaxHighlighter makes your code snippets beautiful without tiring your servers.
var setArray = function(elems) {
    this.length = 0;
    push.apply(this, elems);
    return this;


  • I work at SAY: Media and we are hiring engineers! Oh, and the ad on the right is just one of the many awesome things we do! October 5, 2011
  • We aren’t dead! Moved source to GitHub to increase participation. July 26, 2011
  • Major new 3.0.83 release (changes). July 2, 2010
  • New 2.1.382 release (changes). June 24, 2010
  • Follow @syntaxhighlight on Twitter. March 1, 2010
  • New 2.1.364 release (changes). October 15, 2009
  • Freshbooks is using SyntaxHighlighter! October 8, 2009
  • ASP.NET forums using SyntaxHighlighter! July 1, 2009
  • Bug Labs is using SyntaxHighlighter! June 24, 2009
  • Maintenance release 2.0.320 (changes). May 3, 2009
  • Set up a public repository on Bitbucket. March 8, 2009
  • Maintenance release 2.0.296 (changes). March 1, 2009
  • Maintenance release 2.0.287 (changes). February 6, 2009
  • SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 goes public. Yay
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