Checkbox.css: Tiny animations for your checkboxes


Checkbox.css is a tiny set of CSS3 animations just for your checkboxes. It’s super easy to use and includes a number of fun animations to suit your purposes.








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SamsaraJS: Layout animation library

SamsaraJS is an animation library for your layouts. It gives you a language for positioning, orienting, and sizing DOM elements and coordinating the animation of these properties.


Reactive layout for user interfaces 





  •  Node removal and recycling (surface.remove(), node.remove(), view.remove())
  •  More Tests
  •  Backbone.js, React.js, Vue.js integrations
  •  Improved Scrollview
  •  3D Camera
  •  Migrate to es6
  •  More layouts











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Snabbt.js: A minimalist JavaScript animation library


Snabbt.js is a minimalist JavaScript animation library that offers 60FPS animation, even on mobile. It’s lightweight (less than 4kb minified and gzipped), and simple to use.







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Vivus: An SVG animation library

Vivus is a JavaScript class for animating SVGs with no dependencies necessary. It offers asynchronous animations, delayed animations, and line-by-line animations.



Demo available on

Vivus is a little JavaScript class (little, because it's being lightweight and having no dependency) to make drawing animation with SVGs in a webpage. Different animations are available, even scripting the entire SVG to do whatever you want.


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Keyframer: A CSS3 animation tool


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Animo.js: CSS animation management with JavaScript



A powerful little tool for managing CSS animations. Stack animations, create cross-browser blurring, set callbacks on animation completion, make magic.

Full article and demos -

Animo.js: CSS animation management with JavaScript

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Animo.js is a powerful tool for managing CSS animations. It makes it possible to stack animations and trigger one right after another.


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