Erlang & Aptana Install


1. Erlang Install

 : 윈도우용 프로그램을 다운 받아서 설치 -




2. 환경변수에서 시스템 변수 "Path"에  \Bin 폴더를 추가한다.




3. APTANA에 추가

    [window] - [Preferences] 에서  "General" - "Network Connections"에서

      "Active Provider"를 "Manual" 로 변경한다.



4. APTANA에 추가

   [Help] - [Install New Software]에 "Add Repository" 클릭.

    Name : Erlide

    Location : 


   "Panding" 되는 리소스 중에 필요한 것만 설치하면 된다.



5. 설치 후 자동 리스타트 되고 나서, 프로젝트를 생성하려고 보면 "Erlang" 프로젝트가 나온다.   

    "Perspective"에서 선택할 수도 있다.







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Javascript library 추가하기  - APTANA


link :


JavaScript Library Support

메타 데이터의 끝으로 건너뛰기
메타 데이터의 시작으로 이동


Studio ships with the ability for users to extend support for JavaScript libraries in content assist. Below is a list of libraries and content assist files we've located that should be compatible with Studio. This is not a complete list, and compatibility is not guaranteed, but if you see something on this list and it doesn't work, please let us know.

Dojo (

The XML files Dojo ships require a little bit of massaging to be readable by the Studio content assist processor.

Drop the SDOCML file anywhere into your Web Project (feel free to put it in a special folder).

Alternately, to update docs to a newer version (should one come out)

ExtJS/Sencha (

Drop the SDOCML file anywhere into your Web Project (feel free to put it in a special folder).


Drop the VSDoc files into your Web Project.

jQuery (

Install the jQuery ruble and reference it:

  1. Commands > Install Bundle > jQuery
  2. Right click on a project, select Properties > Project Build Path and select the checkbox for jQuery 1.6.2.

If you already have the jQuery bundle:

  1. Choose Commands > Bundle Development > Update User Bundles


  1. Find the Aptana Rubles folder on your system
  2. Delete the Ruble
  3. Restart Studio
  4. Install the Ruble again as above

OpenLayers (

There is a current bug with adding the single file to a project to get content assist. As a workaround:

Note that this technique will not actually show documentation on the classes. For that, we need a SDOCML file which could be created from the source Natural Docs.


Drop the SDOCML file into your Web Project.

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APTANA plugin - Syntax HighLighter




* APTANA에서 추가.

  [Help] - [Install New Software] - [Add]



Eclipse platform plugin

EclipseColorer is based on a native Colorer-take5 library, so each platform has its own native part library. By default the package contains plugin's stuff compiled for win32, Linux(x86 and x86_64) and MacOS (ppc and x86 platforms).


  • Enchanced and fixed word wrapping mode.
  • Automatic folding support for mostly all (200+) supported languages
  • Per-type customizable color schemas and editor parameters.
  • Automatic errors and todo comments annotation.
  • Paired constructions highlighting and matching.
  • Shortcuts for pairs matching.
  • Different color schemes.
  • Replacement of tabs with spaces option.
  • Choosing of currently used syntax mode in editor (list of all available types).
  • Dynamic library reloading.
  • Powerful and flexible outliner for all common languages.
  • Errors list is included into the outliner view.
  • Colored sources generation into HTML files (Available in the navigator's context menu).
  • Find more in screenshots section.
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APTANA - SVN 설치 (subclipse)



[Help] - [Install New Software] 를 선택





설치 후 [Window] - [Open Perspective] - [Other...] 를 선택


Perspective에 "SVN Repository Exploring" 이 나올 것이다.







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[Window] - [Show view] - [Remote] 를 선택하면 Remote 탐색기가 열린다.



Remote 탐색기에서 지구모양으로 생긴 아이콘(Add New FTP Site...)을 선택하면 아래의 그림처럼

 FTP 등록 팝업이 나온다.

 정보 잘 입력하고, [Test] 버튼 눌러서 로그인 잘 되는지 테스트한 다음 사용하면 된다.


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일단 aptana 다운받아서 설치하고.

Preferences 들어가서 PyDev 항목 선택해서 "Python Interpreters"에 설치된 python 실행파일을 연결해주면 된다.


그리고, "PyDev perspective"를 선택해서 python 구문을 작성한 다음 실행버튼 에서 "Run As " > "Python Run" 을 선택한다. 그러면, Console에 결과가 나온다.  

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