Automatically Generate Splash Screens and Icons with Ionic CLI

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Agile CSS3 Engine: Generate pure CSS3 with JavaScript

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Agile CSS3 Engine lets you generate pure CSS3 animations using JavaScript. It’s easy to use and cross platform compatible.



Using javascript generated pure CSS3

Agile is a simpe, fast and easy to use engine which uses javascript generated pure CSS3. Check out examples at


  • Agile uses javascript to generate pure CSS3, without canvas, webGL or SVG.
  • Performant on mobile devices, being truly cross platform.
  • Agile’s API has high similar characteristic with actionscript 3.0, you can learn it in 10 minutes.


Download the minified library and include it in your html document.

<script src="js/agile.min.js"></script>
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Trianglify: Generate colorful triangle meshes

Trianglify is a JavaScript library that lets you create colorful triangle meshes automatically, which you can then use as CSS backgrounds, or SVG images. There are controls for noise, cell size, and cell padding, and of course the whole thing is open source.



Trianglify is a library that I wrote to generate nice SVG background images like this one:


It was inspired by btmills/geopattern, and uses d3.js to build the polygons and SVG and SVG filters for rendering. It also includes the colorbrewer color palette library to get you up and running quickly. It was written in a single day because I got fed up with Adobe Illustrator.



nixterrimus also made a nice demo app: link (source)

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Makeappicon: Generate properly sized icons quickly and easily



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