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Useful jQuery Tutorials For Web Developers And Designers



Colorful Sliders With jQuery & CSS3

In this tutorial we are using jQuery and the new transformation features brought by CSS3 to create a three dimensional dynamic slider effect.


Animated Form Switching with jQuery

In this tutorial we will create a simple animated form switch with three very common forms. The idea is not to leave the page when the user goes to another form but instead make the new form appear within the same container, expanding or contracting to the dimensions of the new form.


How to Make Custom Flat Styled Google Maps with jQuery and Flat UI

In this tutorial we will show you how to make custom flat styled google map with jquery and flat UI.


Password strength verification with jQuery

In this tutorial, we’ll construct a form that gives the user live feedback as to whether their password has sufficiently met the complexity requirements we will establish.


Vertical Scroll Menu with jQuery Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn vertical scroll menu with jquery tutorial.


Shiny Knob Control with jQuery and CSS3

In this tutorial we will be writing a jQuery plugin for creating a shiny knob control. Aptly named knobKnob, this plugin will use CSS3 transformations and jQuery’s new event handling methods to give visitors of your website a new way of interactively choosing a value from a range.


Make Pretty Charts For Your App with jQuery and xCharts

In this tutorial you will learn about pretty charts for your app with jquery and xcharts.


How to Create Login Form with CSS3 and jQuery

In this tutorial we will learn how to create login form with CSS3 and jQuery.


A Simple Movie Search App w/ jQuery UI

In this tutorial, we are using jQuery UI’s autocomplete widget, to build a simple AJAX movie search form. The script is going to use‘s free API, to provide auto suggestions against a vast database of movie titles.


In this tutorial you will learn beautiful slide out navigation a CSS and jQuery.


Frame Warp jQuery Plugin

There is the option of using one of the numerous lightbox plugins to do this, but the plugin we will be creating in this tutorial has a lot of advantages over a generic lightbox script.


How to Create a Responsive Image Slider in jQuery and CSS3

In this tutorial we will code a responsive image slider from the Impressionist UI. We will code it using the FlexSlider plugin for the functionality and style it using CSS3.


Animated Content Menu with jQuery

In this we will create a slick animated content menu with jQuery for a restaurant theme. The menu items will be animated and when clicked, a content area with more information will appear.


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23 Beautiful jQuery Text Animation Effects Examples with Tutorials


Link :


jQuery is a great JavaScript library, you can give a direction to your creativity when it comes to making stylish Image galleries, Menus, Animation Effects and attractive text effects using jQuery. Today we will show you tutorials on how to create mouse over text animation effects with jQuery with the help of these superb 23 examples. You can give color effects, scrolling effects, hovering, Fly, neon and light effects and much more through jQuery.

Apple-like Retina Effect With jQuery

jquery text effects

Check this tutorial to know how the author has turned a static image into a fully functional “Retina effect” with only jQuery and CSS.

More Information on Apple-like Retina Effect With jQuery

jQuery Text Animation Effect – Fading color for inline text links

jquery text effects

A simple UX trick that can be easily implemented into your web sites. With a few lines of jQuery it will make your text links fade to another color on rollover.

More Information on Fading color effect for inline text links using jQuery

Simple Banner Rotator Animation Effect With jQuery, php & MySQL

banner Rotator jquery Animation effects

You can now create and randomly display banners on your site. Each of the banners features a neat jQuery animation effect, which you can customize to fit your own needs.

More Information on Simple Banner Rotator With PHP, jQuery & MySQL

jQuery Animation Effects Plugin – Approach

jQuery Animation Effects Plugin

Approach is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate style properties based on the cursor’s proximity to an object.

More Information on jQuery Approach

MicroTut: The jQuery Hover Method

jquery hover effect

When building a navigation menu, or any other jQuery script, it is often necessary to have a robust method with which to define a mouse over and mouse out state. This is where the hover() method comes along.

More Information on MicroTut: The jQuery Hover Method

How to Create a 3D Tag Cloud in jQuery

jquery 3d tag cloud

With browsers rendering JavaScript faster than ever before, it’s a great opportunity to get creative with jQuery. This tutorial will show how to create a scrolling 3D tag cloud

More Information on How to Create a 3D Tag Cloud in jQuery

Neon Text Effect With jQuery & CSS

jquery css text effect

Check this tutorial to know how to create a neon glow text effect with CSS and jQuery.

More Information on Neon Text Effect With jQuery & CSS


jParallax is a jQuery parallax plugin. It turns a selected element into a ‘window’, or viewport, and all its children into absolutely positioned layers that can be seen through the viewport.

jquery parallax plugin

More Information on jParallax


we can animate the “top” value with one easing function while animating the “left” value with a different easing function.

jquery animation effect

More Information on Circulate

Colortip – a jQuery Tooltip Plugin

This jQuery tooltip plugin is going to convert the title attributes of elements withing your page, into a series of colorful tooltips. Six color themes are available, so you can easily match it with the rest of your design.

jquery tooltip plugin

More Information on Colortip – a jQuery Tooltip Plugin

Color Fading Menu Effect with jQuery

jquery text effects

Here author will demonstrate how to perform colour fading menu effect with jquery and image merging.

More Information on Color Fading Menu with jQuery

Grid Accordion

grid accordion

A grid of cells expand both vertically (like a regular accordion) as well as horizontally to display the content they contain.

More Information on Grid Accordion

Leopard Desktop with jQuery using jqDock


Check how to use jQuery to create a completely coded Dashboard, just like Leopard! This can be handy in hiding a whole lot of gadgets or widgets you don’t have space for

More Information on Leopard Desktop with jQuery using jqDock

BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs

jquery mouse hover zoom effect

The mouse rolls over the image block, tabs slide up and the image zooms a little to reveal more of the picture.

More Information on BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs

JQuery Based Flipped Image Gallery with Bounce Effects

jquery mouseover effect

Image galleries are most important element of any website. Here, I have created a simple jQuery based flipped image gallery. On mouce hover the images will expand. Its simple and stylish gallery.

More Information on JQuery Based Flipped Image Gallery with Bounce Effects

Create a Stunning Sliding Door Effect with jQuery

jquery hover effect

Mouse over and mouse out event will move the corners diagonally out and in according to the mouse event.

More Information on Create a Stunning Sliding Door Effect with jQuery

How to Make a Threadless Style T-Shirt Gallery

jquery hover effect

There’s a thumbnail which is a full sized image in a container div, which is smaller than the full sized image. The image is centered within it, but doesn’t show entirely because overflow:hidden is turned on. When the mouse hovers over the thumbnail, overflow:hidden gets turned off, and the entire image is displayed.

More Information on How to Make a Threadless Style T-Shirt Gallery


jQuery flash light

Your mouse works as a flashlight and you can read the content only where you are moving your mouse.

More Information on flashlight

Sproing! – Make An Elastic Thumbnail Menu

jquery menu effect

It Magnifies menu items when they are hovered over. Also Menu items expand upwards.

More Information on Sproing! – Make An Elastic Thumbnail Menu

Halftone Navigation Menu With jQuery & CSS3

jquery menu effect

It allows you to display animated halftone-style shapes in accordance with the navigation links, and will provide a simple editor for creating additional shapes as well.

More Information on Halftone Navigation Menu With jQuery & CSS3

a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

jquery animation effect

Ever seen some excellent jQuery navigation that left you wanting to make one of your own? Here author will do just that by building a menu and animate it with some smooth effects.

More Information on a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

AnythingZoomer: jQuery Zoom Animation Effect

jquery zoom animation effect

This is a jQuery zoom animation plugin, so you’ll need to load the jQuery library first, then the plugin file, then invoke the new function on the area you wish to have zooming.

More Information on AnythingZoomer

jQuery PhotoShoot Plugin 1.0

jquery photoshooting effect

The jQuery PhotoShoot plugin gives you the ability to convert any div on your web page into a photo shooting effect, complete with a view finder.

More Information on jQuery PhotoShoot Plugin 1.0

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60+ Responsive Web Design Tutorial Roundup – Spoil Your Mobile visitors!

by Lars on February 19, 2013


Time to learn responsive web design and development techniques? In this huge collection, I am sure you will find the responsive web design tutorial you need to get started!

With more than 1 billion mobile Internet users, the demand for building professional and user-friendly mobile websites is exploding right now. Up to date statistics show that close to 12% of internet users are browsing from mobile devices and the number is constantly growing. This leaves us with no doubt about investing time and money into spoiling mobile visitors on our website.

Many web designers use responsive frameworks as the foundation in their web project to leverage the many hours of work, experience and maturity experts put into many of them. It is also a popular trend to take offset in a responsive website HTML5 template or a WordPress theme with a build in responsive layout.

Ethan Marcotte started the responsive web design trend back in May 2010. He wrote an article about the need for a more flexible approach to web design, “Responsive Web Design,” for A List Apart. Today most new websites are responsive somehow, but the responsive behavior vary a lot. Some websites and templates have several designs that are perfectly adapted to specific view port sizes, while many still only have one layout for pc screens and one for small mobile devices. The effort required to do it right should not be underestimated. Checking a few well-written responsive web design tutorials is a good start to learn and find inspiration.

Please take time to leave a comment and share this resource with co-workers that you think need to learn about responsive web design.


Responsive Column Layouts – MORE INFO


In this tutorial you will learn a very simple CSS trick to create a responsive column layout using nth-of-type pseudo class.

Responsive Web Design using CSS3 - MORE INFO


This responsive web design tutorial explain you how to use CSS 3 @media property (known as media queries) and working with Internet Explorer using Modernizr.

CSS Only Responsive Layout With Smooth Transitions – MORE INFO


A tutorial on how to create a 100% width and height smooth scrolling layout with CSS only.

Responsive Design With CSS3 Media Queries – MORE INFO


This responsive web design tutorial will show you how to create a cross-browser responsive design with HTML5 & CSS3 media queries.

Responsive Pricing Tables Using :target for Small Screens – MORE INFO


In this tutorial you will learn how to make a fluid pricing table, then alter the way it’s displayed at different viewport sizes using media queries.

Creating a CSS3 Responsive Menu – MORE INFO


This tutorial aims to provide step by step instructions to enable you to create a responsive navigation menu that adapts to varying screen sizes, with the help of CSS media queries.

Create a Responsive Web Design Template – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a (very simple looking) web template that is responsive from desktop size down to mobile version.

Responsive Design in 3 Steps – MORE INFO


In this tutorial you will learn how to do the basic logic of responsive design and media queries in 3 steps (assuming you have the basic CSS knowledge)

Responsive Data Tables – MORE INFO


This tutorial will show you how to create and format a responsive data table.

Turn Any Site Into a Responsive Site – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you some techniques on how to take your current site and turn it into a mobile friendly one, with little effort.

Typography Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


This tutorial will be discussing typography vis a vis responsive web design. Our focus will be on typography strictly in relation to responsive web design only.

Responsive Menu Concepts – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you four concepts on how to handle navigation menus for small screens.

CSS Effect: Space Image Out to Match Text Height – MORE INFO


This responsive website tutorial will teach you how to properly space out images to match text height.

Scalable Navigation Patterns in Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


This tutorial focuses on how to deal with deep navigation in the landscape of a templated environment.

Building a Responsive Layout with Skeleton: jQuery Plugins – MORE INFO


In this tutorial you will learn various jQuery plugins to utitlize in order to pull Twitter and Flickr feeds to a page, plus a responsive slider plugin for our features area at the top.

Responsive Resume – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how to create a mobile responsive resume to attract new projects.

Techniques for Gracefully Degrading Media Queries – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how to implement CSS Media Queries for mobile web.

CSS Elastic Videos – MORE INFO


In this responsive web design tutorial, you will learn how to make embedded videos elastic (responsive) to browsers.

Build a Responsive Filterable Portfolio with CSS3 Twists – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how to inherent visual appeals of filterable portfolios using straight-forward markup, CSS3 and a little bit of jQuery.

How to Build a Responsive Thumbnail Gallery – MORE INFO


In this tutorial you will learn how to build a responsive thumbnail gallery.

Responsive Content Navigator With CSS3 – MORE INFO


This tutorial will show you how to create a content navigator with CSS only.

Responsive Coming Soon HTML5 Page Tutorial – MORE INFO


In this tutorial we’ll create a coming soon template, 100% responsive, that will help you keep your users informed while you are building a new website.

Convert Menu to Dropdown – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how to convert your regular row of links into a drop down menu.

Build Responsive Site Week Designing Responsively Part 1 – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating a responsive website for mobile devices.

Create a Responsive Web Design with Media Queries – MORE INFO


In this tutorial how to convert a previous WordPress theme design into a responsive layout, while taking into consideration the design’s original grid structure.

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


This tutorial is intended both for beginners and advanced web designers in creating mobile responsive websites.

Designing for a Responsive Web – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of designing websites for mobile responsiveness.

CSS Responsive Navigation Menu – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how make a responsive toggle on hover menu which is more user friendly.

Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Page With Skeleton – MORE INFO


In this tutorial you will learn how to use a boilerplate called Skeleton to take the headaches out of designing and building a responsive web page.

How to Use CSS3 Orientation Media Queries – MORE INFO


This tutorial will focus on the orientation of media queries and also demonstrate on how to use it.

Adaptive Layout Media Queries – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful website employing adaptive layouts and optimized for the latest mobile devices.

Responsive Images Experimenting with Context Aware Image Sizing – MORE INFO


This tutorial will teach you how to deliver optimized, contextual image sizes for responsive layouts that utilize dramatically different image sizes at different resolutions.

Responsive Web Design: A Visual Guide – MORE INFO


This tutorial shows how to build a mobile responsive site thru a video presentation. It covers all the basic things needed to get you started.

Elements of Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, an in depth discussion of the elements of web design is presented.

Responsive Web Nav – MORE INFO


This tutorial walk you through on how to build a simple navigation from the ground using the CSS3 media queries and jQuery to display it in a small screen size like the smartphones properly.

User Opt-out Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


Responsive Design – MORE INFO


This tutorial is going to walk you through how to create an adaptive web experience that’s designed mobile-first

How to Use CSS3 Media Queries to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert an existing website into a mobile responsive website.

Handling Typography Responsive Design – MORE INFO


This tutorial covers how to effectively format font types to be responsive as well.

The Sparkbox Responsive Design Process – MORE INFO


A graphic tutorial about responsive web design process.

Big Menus, Small Screens: Responsive, Multi Level Navigation – MORE INFO


In this responsive website tutorial to responsive navigation, you will learn how to use an approach that can accommodate large, multi-level navigation menus using media queries and jQuery, whilst trying to keep markup simple and external resources minimal.

Responsive Horizontal Layout – MORE INFO


This tutorial will show you how to create a horizontal layout with several content panels.

Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


This responsive web design tutorial aims to show how to create a responsive design of a web page adaptable to different screen resolutions, and providing a concrete example.

Optimizing your emails for mobile devices With the @media query – MORE INFO


A quick tutorial on how to properly handle emails using the @media query.

Fluidgrids – MORE INFO


This tutorial pretty much discusses how to make grids fluid and resize according to the browser’s window.

Responsive Design – MORE INFO


This tutorial is about how to apply responsive design feature into your web layout.

Creating Responsive Stylish with CSS3 and HTML5 – MORE INFO


This tutorial provides a basic introduction on how to make responsive sites using HTML5 and CSS3.

5 Useful CSS Tricks for responsive Design – MORE INFO


A tutorial of 5 most commonly used CSS tricks along with sample cases for coding responsive designs. They are simple CSS properties such as min-width, max-width, overflow, and relative value — but these properties play an important part in responsive design.

Responsive Web Design – MORE INFO


Working with Fluid Images in Dreamweaver CS6 – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, you will see how to manage fluid images integrated within the website using Dreamweaver CS6.

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How to build an app: 20 great tutorials

iOS app tutorials

01. Get started as an iOS developer

Got an idea for a killer app but don’t know where to begin? Daniel Bramhall of Visioa explains everything you need to know to start programming for Apple devices.

02. Design an iPhone app user interface

Designing for iOS devices is totally different from designing for the web. Sarah Parmenter explains how to create the perfect user interface for your app.

03. Create an iPad game

Appcelerator Titanium is a fantastically versatile tool for creating mobile apps, as Anton Mills demonstrates with this game for the iPad.

04. Create an iPhone game

Hello Monday walks you through how to turn a rejected concept into a GPS-based arcade game.

05. How to distribute your app

Creating an application can be extremely exciting for any developer but before you get your application published, you need to get it ready. iOS and Mac developer/designer Daniel Bramhall explains how.

06. Get started with geofencing

Explore the location-based services provided by the iOS Core Location framework in Kevin McMahon's guide to building and testing a geofencing-enabled application.

07. Build an iPad app with Sencha Touch

Create a web app that feels native on the iPad and other mobile devices, using the Sencha Touch library. Robert Douglas of mobile design specialists ribot explains how.

Android app tutorials

08. Getting To Know The Android Platform

This article explains what you need to do to build a scalable app that looks and feels right at home on Android, how to test it and your options for distributing it. After reading this article, you should have a good understanding of what kinds of decisions and challenges you will face when creating an Android app.

09. Build your first Android app

This tutorial gets you started with Android development without requiring you to wade through pages of technical documentation. At the end, you'll have written a simple Android app and you will be able to deploy the application onto an emulator or a real Android device.

10. Design an Android app user interface

Android apps can be just as beautiful as their iOS counterparts. Richard Leggett, co-director of Bitmode Ltd, digs deep into the styling and theming and explains how to use just XML and image files to add a fresh look and feel to your app.

11. Automate your app testing

Don’t trust humans to do all of your testing - not even experts. John Senner, Koa Metter, and Emory Myers of MokaSocial reveal how to delegate the dirty work.

12. Make your Android app's voice output accessible

Integrating core accessibility into Android app development is relatively straightforward to do and should be considered as business as usual for every project. Here's how to do it.

Facebook app tutorials

13. Get started with Facebook’s app tools

Techlightenment's systems architect Chas Coppard gives us a rundown of the APIs and plug-ins available to connect your site to Facebook.

14. Build a Facebook app

Facebook recently unveiled the Open Graph as its next generation platform. Mat Clayton shows you how to build a simple demo app on the Open Graph.

App-building frameworks

15. Get started with PhoneGap

In this excerpt from the PhoneGap Beginner's Guide, Nitobi/Adobe's Andrew Lunny goes over the biggest roadblock developers find with the mobile development framework: getting started and building simple apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

16. Create a theme in jQuery Mobile

We present an exclusive excerpt from jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, on the basics of theming and building and using a custom theme for your app.

17. Build a login form with DHTMLX Touch

In this introduction to open source JavaScript framework DHTMLX Touch web developer Alexandra Klenova explains how you can implement a login form for a mobile web app and send form values to the server with Ajax.

18. Code a real-time survey with HTML5 WebSockets

Phil Leggetter explains how to use WebSockets and Pusher to build a demo application, plus how to layer a user experience on to an app using progressive enhancement.

19. Build a game for iOS and Android with Corona

Jonathan Beebe of Ansca, Inc explains how to easily create a fun 2D physics game for iOS and Android mobile platforms using Corona.

20. Style the UI of a Sencha app

In this exclusive excerpt from their book on the Sencha Touch mobile JavaScript framework, John Clark and Bryan Johnson explain how to customise your app and use the Sencha theme engine with SASS and Compass.

And that's it! Have you seen an app tutorial you'd like to recommend? Let us know about it in the comments!

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