Nanobar.js: Ultra lightweight progress bars

Javascript / Added on March 9, 2014

Nanobar.js offers very, very lightweight progress bars, coming in at around 725 bytes when gzipped. It doesn’t require jQuery and is easy to use.



Very very lightweight progress bars (~730 bytes gzipped). No jQuery needed.

Compatibility: iE8+ and the rest of the world

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Progre(c)ss: Pure CSS progress bars




pure css progress bars with minimal effort!



 Pure CSS progress bars with minimal effort


  1. Include the stylesheet.
  2. Add the class progrecss to your element (any element)
  3. Add a data attribute data-progrecss defining the completion percentage (1 to 100).


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Pace: An automatic page load progress indicator




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Progression.js: Create friendlier forms

Progression.js is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add real-time hints to your forms. It also lets you include project updates for each field.



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