youtube 영상을 모바일에서 iFrame으로 Autoplay=1

window resize시 영상 사이즈 변경

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iframe > embed 변경하기



<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

엠바다 게시판에 iframe 태그를 안먹더라구요~~

이렇게 된 태그를 이렇게 바꿔주세요.

ifame > embed

embed > v

<embed width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">








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IE 10 에서 iframe이 안보이면.

IE 브라우저에서 [도구] - [인터넷옵션] - [보안] tab 

 -  [사용자 지정수준]

 - [설정]

 - "IFRAME에서 프로그램 및 파일 실행" 을 "사용(안전하지않음)" 또는 "확인(권장)"으로 선택해야한다.




How to enable IFRAME in Internet Explorer 10?

Q: When i try to open site with “open here” i receive error:

“You are using iframe redirect incompatible browser and have dev WordPress version installed on this website. If the dashboard doesn’t show, try here.”.

In order to enable iframe in Internet Explorer 10 it’s required to change some security options.

Navigate to Internet Options and Enable “Launching programs and files in IFRAME (not secure).


Note: After enabling this option Internet Explorer will warn you about security issue because of the way how IE10 sees IFRAME in general.

After enabling this option IFRAME will still not open directly and it’s required to press “Show all content” button in IE10 pop-up.

You can leave this pop-up to show every time or you can disable it by following these steps:

a) Open Internet Explorer from the Desktop

b) Click on tools, and select Internet options

c) In Internet options window, click on security Tab

d) Select Internet Zone and Click on custom level

e) In security settings-Internet Zone window, select miscellaneous

f) Under miscellaneous, Enable the option which states”Display mixed content”

g) Click on ok and Apply




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<iframe id="PayIFrame"></iframe>

1. src 바꾸기.
$("#PayIFrame").attr("src", "");

2. iframe  내의 문서 객체 접근
iframe 속의 문서에 <div id="target"></div>


3. 부모문서에 접근
$("#parent_id", parent.document)

4. 부모문서의 다른 iframe 접근
$("#parent_id", parent.frames["frame_id"].document)

자동 iframe 길이 체크하기

function setSize(){

아래가 실제 코드입니다.
var resizeIframe = function (){

<iframe src="" width="1000" height="500" frameborder="0" name="myIframe" id="myIframe" scrolling="no"></iframe>    

setSize는 실제 iframe 크기를 초기화 시키는 작업을 합니다.
iframe 내의 문서에서 parent.setSize()를 호출합니다.

만약 서브 도메인인경우는
parent와 child 에 각각 document.domain = ''; 을 정의해서 사용하시면 됩니다.

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